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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ice Storm Puts A Freeze On Eagle's Nest Hike

The ice storm that rolled through NW Arkansas in late January left so many downed trees, that members of the ESOA who came out for a scheduled hike to Eagle's Nest in the Madison County WMA had to resort to a contingency plan due to impassable roads.
The group shifted gears and moved from social project to service project. Members of the ESOA and some members of the Holiday Island Hikers who also showed-up for the hike spent the afternoon clearing ice storm debris in the city's Harmon Park. Time was spent cutting and clearing limbs that were damaged during the intense storm. Overall 22-hrs were contributed by the group and the ESOA plans on visiting Eagle's Nest later this spring.

Water Street Visit

On Sunday, January 25th, members of the ESOA made a site visit to Water Street Park in downtown Eureka Springs. The long and narrow park is not maintained as a park, the existing trail is rough and some work needs to be done. During the preliminary visit, ESOA members filled nearly 15 trash bags while also identifying tasks needed for future service projects.
Water Street Park is an area that could be part of in-town trail network in Eureka Springs.

Harding/Kansas St. Trail

On Sunday January 11th, eleven members of the ESOA gathered for continued work on the Kansas St./Harding Spring Trail project. Volunteers put nearly 40-hrs. of work into clearing the existing trail, blocking another un-needed trail, building stone stairs and managing erosion above Harding Spring.
This is an on-going joint project with the Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Department.