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Monday, January 14, 2008

Cold Spring Work-Day

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The ESOA held a work-day at the Cold Spring Reservation on East Mountain on Sunday. Despite the cold temperatures, fifteen volunteers came out for a combined effort of over 41 work hours.

The group was able to collect and remove several large piles of brush, limbs and vines from the spring reservation. Most of the debris was stacked near the road for a scheduled pick-up while the large pile of vines was burned on-site.

Also, significant progress was made on a new trail running through the spring reservation.

The large group was able to make fantastic progress in a short amount of time. Participants could really see the impact they were having on one of Eureka's special places. Although, we accomplished a lot in just one work-day, there is still more to be done at Cold Spring, so look for another scheduled work-day coming soon...


Heather Quinney said...

Awesome work day! What a difference we made. Thanks to the 15 people who showed up and made it happen. See you at Kettle Falls. Heather

Chris Fischer said...

Yes, it was awesome-one of the most constructive days I've spent with a group in Eureka Springs, thanks to all the elbow grease and the opened cans of whoop-ass we sure did put a new spin on Cold Spring. I look forward to visiting and seeing the spring box re-faced one day...