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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Icicles, Moss and Buzzards

Icicles, Moss and Buzzards
Icicles dripping down some lush moss growth.
This is from an outcropping above Cardinal Spring in Harmon Park from last January's cold spell. Walkers along Fuller St. will notice the huge dropping zones of the Turkey Buzzards that are currently roosting in the hollow, primarily in the huge dying Sycamore along the road just above the Park boundary.


Jerry said...

Hi Chris
Sorry I did not get to meet you while I was there in Nov. Hope you liked the minor cleanup & arrangement Becky & I did at the spring. The erosion above the spring is a concern. Sometimes brush placed in gulleys catches leaves, slows runoff, turns erosion around. Enjoyed the pic.

Chris Fischer said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Jerry. Sometimes it's important to consider your actions before you just make changes to a place-particularly a public place and in this case a property that has been under consideration for being preserved as a study area. The sort of work you did should have been approved before you just undertook the process. Luckily, the area has been free from vandalism and has not become inviting to destructive visitors. Your efforts were well intended and are appreciated-but next time check with the owner/agency before you act.