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Thursday, March 20, 2008

ESOA Logo Poll

At the last ESOA meeting on Tuesday, March 18th, the logo committee gave a report on the progress that had been made on the logo design since the last meeting. The group worked from an original hand-drawn sketch for the "panorama" logo and Lorri contributed another idea based on the periodic table of elements. We want feedback on these designs before moving forward with finalizing the logo concepts. Please take a moment to look at the following logos and to share your thoughts by posting a comment. Also a big "thanks" to Chris Fischer, Lorri Carter and Christi Braswell for working on these concepts.

Full Color Panorama
Black and White Panorama #1

Black and White Panorama #2

"In Our Element" logo

Table of elements logo #1

Table of elements logo #2

Please comment on these logos, your input is valued and apprecitated!


Nick Cross said...

I like the color panorama and the B&W 1 as primary logos for the ESOA.
I think the "In our element" concept is great and would like to see it utilized by the ESOA as part of our publicity campaigns, but not as the primary logo. -Nick Cross

Crystal Rust said...

i agree with nick, i think the first two images are the most attractive visually. the element concept is brilliantly original, and i applaud whoever came up with the idea.

Anonymous said...

I am just testing to see how the comments box works.

Chris Fischer said...

I'm biased towards my steward on the bluff image, for me it reads instantly as an image about being outdoors compared to the elements design.

Artsifrtsy said...

I love the composition of the Steward on the Bluff as well.

I think that we have a bit of a dichotomy in the group - some very focused on the social activities and some on stewardship. I don't know if we have to define ourselves since both seem to be thriving. Maybe one could represent that advocacy type of activity and the other could represent the social activities.

Chris Fischer said...

The dichotomy is in the two images, one a representation of a scene and the other a purely graphic design. Blending the two concepts is the challenge. The lone figure on the bluff isn't meant to signify a particular advocacy or activity but rather both at once. If the scene could be enlarged one might see all sorts of activities going on...

Artsifrtsy said...

I think the sentinel is as much detail as a logo can handle and still be usable on many levels. There are definitely people in the group who want a logo that represents more activities and the panorama is not the solution.

Chris - do you have an objection to both views being represented by a logo or do you feel that we need to be unified under a single image?

Chris Fischer said...

I would like as many of our views represented as a single logo can.
We engage in many activities such as enjoying Stephen Foster's presentation which couldn't possibly be logo-ized. The elements logo illustrates four activities which are fairly standard for outdoor recreation sites, and yet there are so many other things we will eventually do.
I'm not married to using only one approach all the time, but branding ourselves is something we need to do. If our image or graphic morphs too much we might seem like different entities.

Nick Cross said...

I thought I would weigh-in on the spirited conversation regarding the logo.
One of the things I like about the steward on the bluff image is that it isn't too specific. The sentinel is just ambiguous enough that it is capable of representing all three core components of the ESOA; activities, stewardship and advocacy.
I think that the steward on the bluff is an engaging image that is reflective of the experience people seek in the outdoors.
As I have said before, I think the element concept would be great for a publicity campaign. What I like most about this logo is that the icons could be modified to suit the activity/event. Great work and thanks for sharing on the blog!

Heather Quinney said...

Although I am very fond of all of the logo ideas, I do feel the landscape w/sentinel logo to be the most appropriate. It is representative of all aspects of the ESOA, activity, stewardship and advocacy, not just the activity part. I love Lorri's element ideas and there may be a use for them somewhere, just not as the official ESOA logo. Thanks to all of you for working so hard on this! Heather

Dorothy said...

Christie and I like both designs, but we would like to point out the unfairness of our design not even being up for consideration. Yes, it needs tweaking, but it wasn't even given a chance. Any thoughts on that? The group did like the design when presented at the meeting.
Dorothy and Christie

Nick Cross said...

I am responding to Dorothy and Christie's request for thoughts on the idea that the logo design process was unfair because it did not include the design they worked on.

Since Christie is on the logo design committee, it is hard for me to understand the perception of unfairness in the process. The current logo designs have been created from the raw ideas solicited from the group and is my hope that we all feel like we have had input in the design.

I think that it is important that all group members feel ownership in the decisions made by the group. But, we must realize that sometimes we may have to compromise or even let go of ideas that we are attached to.

Overall, I think we have some great concepts to choose from and the question at hand is if we want to continue developing other concepts or if we are ready to move forward and start putting our time and energy into other projects.
I hope this gives you some perspective on the issue and please feel free to call and talk if you fell the need.